Welcome to the European Journal of Musicology (EJM).

Our journal is dedicated to cultural, social, economic, political and religious aspects of music as well as philological and theoretical analyses. As an interdisciplinary journal, we welcome contributions which highlight music in all its facets and which locate music’s inception and reception in broader cultural contexts. Social constructions of ethnicity, class, gender and age will be examined just as the scholar’s own theoretical and methodological approaches.

The journal’s ethos is guided by both ethnographic and historical approaches which investigate music and sound from different cultures and times. We offer space to a diversity of scholarly traditions and a platform for scholarship that meets contemporary academic challenges. In this way, the journal will contribute to an understanding of transforming and emerging societies in which the encounter with the unfamiliar in the Other and the Self is continually negotiated.

We publish academic articles (with a maximum length of 10,000 words) and shorter contributions as well as reviews of academic publications. The EJM also welcomes submissions from students of musicology (ejm-submissions@musik.unibe.ch). Scholarly standards of the published texts are ensured through a double blind peer-review process. Guidelines for submitting contributions can be found here. Publishers which are interested in commissioning reviews of their books are asked to email the reviews editor (ejm-review@musik.unibe.ch).Information about the journal editors can be found here.

The European Journal of Musicology is an Internet publication based at the University of Bern, Switzerland (ISSN 2504-1916). Originally founded in 1997 as the Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft in Frankfurt am Main, it was revived in 2014 under its current name. The journal will be structured in annual volumes though new contributions will be published online continuously throughout the year. Current and earlier volumes can be accessed here.